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our journey

How we came up with the idea?

How we developed the ıdea?



As an experienced stage actor/director, Gokhan came up with a toy theatre idea for mostly children and families. So we started working on this idea to design a nostalgic, pop-up book style toy theatre experience for a small audience of approximately 25 people. In this way, people, and children in particular, could physically and safely come together and would enjoy this very classical way of storytelling. We reckon adults might enjoy seeing this nostalgic style which will be probably very new to the young audience. We offer a tour to our backstage to show how things work. We think this is another magical experience for our young audience!


In 2018, Gokhan and I (Basak) organised a theatre workshop specifically designed for young Turkish-speaking children. In these well-received workshops, we felt very happy to see children play together, have the opportunity to share common cultural elements whilst benefiting from drama and play. During the lockdown period, it was very challenging for our family as well. We observed children, including our 6-year-old son, felt very distressed and isolated. That’s when we started thinking about how we might develop our theatre workshops for this new era so that children could come together again to play and have fun.

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