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Gokhan Kocaoglu

Basak Kocaoglu

Hasan Yavuz

Founder & Producer

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Founder & Director

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Set Designer & Illustrator

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Basak graduated from Ankara University Film Studies Department in 2001. She took part in director's team in many popular TV & film productions in Turkey. In 2016, she moved to London and founded Amygdala Film Ltd company with her husband, Gokhan. Their company’s first feature documentary, “Meeting Jim”, was selected for the competition at the 72nd International Edinburgh Film Festival where it had it’s world premiere. During lockdown, she focused on her new children’s book and their new toy theatre project.

Gokhan is graduated from one of the most renowned and reputable conservatories in Turkey. He has been working as an actor and director at Istanbul State Theatre since 2005. Some of the plays he directed are “Medea”, “Master Moliere is Getting Married”, “Sleuth”, and “Around the World in 80 Days”. In 2016 he moved to London and started an independent film production company, Amygdala Film, with his partner, Basak Kocaoglu. “Meeting Jim” is their company’s first independent feature documentary. In 2018, he used his skills and experience in Turkish Theatre Workshops in South East London which he organized with Basak. Now, he continues his journey with different projects both in London and Istanbul State Theatre. 

Hasan studied Set Design in Izmir 9 Eylul University and graduated with first class honours. He worked as an art director, a stage designer, a costume designer and a lighting designer for many different theatre companies in Turkey. He also worked as an art director in short feature films. With his work as a set designer in Durrenmatt's The Visit and Aristophanes' Lysistrata, he received the best stage design award by the Art Institution of Turkey in 2016-2017 season. He is currently working for the National Theatre of Turkey.

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